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New Moon

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the second book in the best selling Twilight Series.  It is the further adventures of Bella Swan and her boyfriend, the dazzling Edward Cullen.  This book starts off with the occasion of Bella’s Birthday, and demonstrates how a perfect world can quickly fall to pieces.  Bella gets a paper cut, while opening presents, and it becomes very clear to Edward that his very presence in her life puts her in mortal danger.  He’s faced with a choice, stay around and possibly be the cause, in one way or another, of her death, or leave in such a way that will cause her to let him go.  He chooses the latter and, in order to save Bella, breaks her heart.  This sends Bella into a tailspin, and she spends the next few months barely existing, until her childhood friend, now the kind, yet irascible, Jacob Black.  Jake begins to help Bella heal enough to begin to enjoy life again, until he experiences an unexpected change that complicates Bella’s life once again.

New Moon again allows us to explore Agape in the choices and self-sacrificing that takes place in this story, but we also get to see Philleo play a role as well. We see the importance of friendships that build up each other, and how caring can save lives.  We also saw the effects of the lack of Prudence and Temperance, and how that almost cost both of our main characters their lives.

New Moon offered us the place to have discussions about how relationships worked, how Prudence and Temperance are essential to Agape and Philleo.  We also explored what can happen to a person when Faith and Hope are stripped away, and the consequences of doing this to another.  We found, too, that this book gave us the opportunity to compare and contrast two different relationships and evaluate the characters of the boys involved.

New Moon mentioned the book Wuthering Heights and while this was not a part of the expected curriculum, we also recommend reading this and left room for discussion of that book for anyone who chose to read it.

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